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Concrete Accessories & Products

CMC Construction Services supplies a quality line of construction products, technical support and innovative solutions.

We offer one of the largest selections of construction related products and building materials through our retail showrooms and supply warehouses. Our product offering includes epoxies, grouts, expansion materials, cleaners, sealers, and cures. In addition to these products, we offer various types of lumber as well as steel products, including both straight and fabricated steel rebar.

CRP Products

Cleaners, Cures & Seals, Paint & Decorative Coatings, Release Agents, Retarders, Liquid Sealers, Solvents & Chemicals

We offer contractors a complete line of concrete chemicals including concrete curing and concrete sealing compounds, release agents, bond breakers, liquid floor hardeners, cleaners, coatings and more.

Our national sales team provides architects, engineers and contractors product education and technical expertise for every type of construction application.

Bonding Agents, Cement Sack Goods, Cement Patching Material, Colors, Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy & Cementitious Grout

We are a leading supplier of cementitious grouts and epoxy grouts. From general purpose grouts to high load applications, we supply grouts for a variety of applications including equipment base plates, wind turbines, tilt-up construction, steel column pads, precast beams, segmental bridge construction and other structural grouting applications.

Fiber Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Joints, Polypropylene Expansion Joints, Treated Timber Board Expansion Joints

CMC offers a variety of expansion joint material from fibre, rubber, foam  and treated timber boards to help control your concrete cracking due to loss of volume and shrinkage. We also offer accessories for expansion joint materials such as cap material to help create the void needed between cuts.

Coil Products, Form Ties, Forming Hardware & Accessories, Round Column Form

CMC Construction Services is one of North America’s leading suppliers of concrete forming and shoring products, specializing in commercial, industrial, civic, power and infrastructure projects.

We offer a variety of products for forming and shoring rental, including items from Meva, Symons, and Gates. To learn more, please call 844.866.4560.

Chamfer, HDO/MDO Plywood, Lumber, Plywood, Redwood

We have a wide variety of lumber products available and offer various thicknesses of chamfer, treated lumber, whitewood, plywood, as well as redwood heart merch. Most of our lumber lengths range from 12' to 16'. Plywood is available in 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses, with the 3/4" available in Prime and C-D Exposure 1. Our masonite selection is available in 1/4" and 1/8".

Curing Mats, Fiber Mesh, Highway & Road Products, Foam Insulation, Paving Chairs, Soil Retention

From bar supports to rebar, we offer a complete line of products for concrete paving and slab.  Our extensive line of concrete-related products includes rebar, welded wire mesh, beam bolsters, slab bolsters, individual & continuous high chairs, mushroom caps & OSHA caps, tie wire, bar ties and tie wire reel.

Concrete Equipment Rentals, Loose Forming Hardware Rentals, Tilt Up Wall Brace Rentals

We offer a variety of forming and shoring systems for any size job including Symons Flex Form for radius type jobs, Mevalite Formwork, and Symons Steel-ply for wall type job applications and more. Loose formwork systems such as the Cam-Lock bracket and Jahn "A" bracket systems are also available.  Wall ties for each of the systems are available for purchase.

We can provide in-house engineering services for any kind of concrete related jobs.

Dowel Caps, Metal & Plastic Keyways, Vapor Barriers, Steel Stakes, Wood Stakes

We provide some of the leading slab on grade materials required for your project. Including high performance vapor barriers specifically developed for the concrete construction industry to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs to keyways and profile-specific capstrips for your joint needs.

Dowels & Accessories, Metal Bar Supports, Nails, Non-metallic Bar Supports, Rebar, Fabricated Rebar Shapes (Corner Bars, Loop Ties, Stirrups, Dowels) Tie Wire, Bar Ties, Wire Mesh

CMC provides a variety of steel products for use in many different applications. Our assortment of straight rebar and stocked fabricated rebar in common bends will suit a wide range of needs. We also offer bar supports (both standard and non-metallic bar supports), tie wire (or bar ties), dowels and wire mesh.

Bondbreaker, Formliner, Rustification Strips, Adhesive Products, Tilt-Up & Precast Bar Supports, Grout & Patching, Foam Insulation, Shims, Patch Caps

As a leading supplier of tilt-up construction products and engineering services, we have one of the largest inventories of tilt-up braces and accessories along with ACI certified employees. We can provide your team with the education and resources to enhance the quality and performance of each and every individual project.

Power Tools & Accessories, Concrete Vibrators, Diamond Blades, Trowels & Screeds, Equipment & Accessories, Finishing Tools, Hand Tools, Placing Equipment, Safety Products, ADA Products, Welding Supplies

Check out the latest power tools and accessories from Bosch, Skil, Stihl, and other fine manufacturers. CMC Construction Services offers a complete line of power tools and accessories including rotary hammers, drills, grinders, saws, bits, blades and more.

We also offer a full line of cordless power tools for ultimate flexibility on the job site. In addition, CMC's selection of heavy construction equipment including soff-cut saws, concrete saws, walk behind trowels, power sprayers, Magic Screed® and generators is enough to meet any job site need. Plus, many of these products are available for rental as well.

PVC & Non-PVC Waterstop, Sealants & Caulks, Hot-Applied Sealants, Backer Rod for Sealants, Caulking Guns & Accessories, Liquid Waterproofing

CMC Construction Services offers a complete line of building material products for thermal and moisture protection including dampproofing, waterproofing, waterstop, protective coatings, sealants and vapor barriers.  Our sales team and industry-leading specialists work directly with architects, engineers and contractors to solve the most difficult thermal and moisture protection challenges.

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