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Tilt Wall

CMC Construction Services is a leading supplier of tilt wall construction products and engineering services.

We have one of the largest inventories of tilt-up braces and accessories along with ACI certified employees in the Southern United States. Our team of experienced tilt wall professionals are ready to provide the education and resources to enhance the quality and performance of each and every project.

What is Tilt Wall Construction?

Tilt-wall, or tilt-up, construction is a relatively new trend in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Due to the ease of the jobs and its requirements, tilt wall construction is fast becoming the method of choice for constructing modern warehouses, call centers, distribution centers, retail stores, office and storage buildings and other types of industrial and commercial facilities.

The idea behind tilt-up construction is a simple one. The concrete walls are built horizontally on the ground; each wall panel is poured into a custom wooden form usually built on location with footing and roofing supports in place.

After the concrete has cured, the wall panels are then lifted by a crane into place and secured in place with temporary braces. Once completed the new walls are ready for the exterior to be finished with a variety of paints, textures and stains.

Advantages & Benefits of Tilt-Wall

Key advantages for using tilt-up construction are its cost saving methods, fast construction times, safety for the crews, and the countless option of its visual appeal. Benefits of tilt-up consist of long term durability, superior fire safety performance, reduced insurance premiums, and easy maintenance and repair for the building thus reducing operating costs.

Concrete insulated panels provide a 20-30% cost savings to contractors. This new and fast growing technology combines the strength of concrete with the benefits of foam insulation. Not only is this a benefit to the contractor but also the owner by reducing heating and cooling costs for the business.

Lift & Brace Engineering

CMC Construction Services has an in-house engineering staff that designs the lift and brace systems for panels using a proprietary tilt-up design program, ensuring the design meets the safe working loads established by OSHA and the Tilt-up Concrete Association. We also have registered professional engineers on staff for projects that specify the tilt-up design be performed under the supervision of a registered P.E. Our team of licensed professional engineers and detailers provide lifting & bracing design and embed plate location drawings using the latest Autocad Software. Engineering services using BIM 3-D Modeling are also available. 

Services provided include detailed lift and brace designs along with embed plate drawings and more. Embed layout details are created based on the architectural and structural drawings provided by the contractor, and an embed layout book is created for each client that includes a detail sheet for each panel, a 'Paperdoll’ sheet to lay out panels on the floor plan, plus an embed list including sizes and quantities.

We provide the products needed for each tilt-up job such as lift inserts, brace inserts, chairs, bondbreakers, Polystyrene sheets, and more. We also offer a complete line of braces for tilt-up construction, used on projects throughout the United States. The Dayton Superior Wall Braces are all-steel, heavy-duty wall braces designed to align and brace tilt-up wall panels that range from 7’6” to 52’6” adjustment in length. 

  • Fixed braces
  • Adjustable braces
  • Heavy duty braces
  • SWL provides a minimum Safety Factor 1.67:1 on braces

CMC Construction Services Tilt-Wall Specialists

To contact our tilt wall specialists, email or contact one of the branches below.




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Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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TCA Achievement Projects

CMC Construction Services is an active participant in the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. Each year, the TCA honors organizations, people and projects that have successfully illustrated the variety, beauty and flexibility of tilt-up construction. Our tilt-up team has been part of multiple TCA winning projects, supplying the lifting and bracing inserts, bondbreaker, braces and engineering services.

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