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Our latest product: All-Thread Bar

Strengthen your project with continuous thread bars

CMC’s all-thread bar is currently available in Grade 80 and features a continuous hot-rolled pattern of threaded deformations along its entire length so it can be cut and coupled in the field at any point, allowing for job site flexibility. Rolling the thread form onto the bar during the manufacturing process produces a durable thread, and the deformations allow nuts and couplers to thread onto the bars at any position. Our all-thread bar offers a simple, reliable splice that requires less time for assembly than welded or swaged splices.

Quality and Testing

CMC’s all-thread bar is produced to meet the mechanical properties detailed below. Throughout the entire production process, careful attention to detail is paid to ensure that we produce only the highest-quality product. Our product meets the mechanical properties specified in ASTM A615 (#24 all-thread bars are not covered under ASTM A615).

Sized and Grades

CMC all-thread bar is manufactured in lengths up to 70 feet, and is available in the following range of sizes: #8 (25mm) to #24 (76mm). We currently produce all-thread bar to meet the mechanical properties specified in ASTM A615 Grade 80 specifications. For additional information on properties and strength of our all-thread bar, see the table below.

Nominal Bar
Nominal Area
Thru Threads
Ultimate Strength
Yield Strength
Approx. Thread
Major Diameter
#8 - 1"
(25 mm)
0.79 in
(510 mm2)
83 kips
(369.2 kN)
63.2 kips
(281.1 kN)
2.67 lbs./ft.
(3.97 Kg/M)
(28.6 mm)
#9 - 1-1/8"
(29 mm)
1.00 in
(645 mm2)
105 kips
(467.1 kN)
80 kips
(355.9 kN)
3.4 lbs./ft.
(5.06 Kg/M)
(31.8 mm)
#10 - 1-1/4
(32 mm)
1.27 in
(819 mm2)
133.4 kips
(593.2 kN)
101.6 kips
(451.9 kN)
4.3 lbs./ft.
(6.404 Kg/M)
(34.9 mm)
#11 - 1-3/8"
(36 mm)
1.56 in
(1006 mm2)
163.8 kips
(728.6 kN)
124.8 kips
(555.1 kN)
5.313 lbs./ft.
(7.907 Kg/M)
(38.1 mm)
#14 - 1-3/4"
(43 mm)
2.25 in
(1452 mm2)
236.3 kips
(1050.9 kN)
180 kips
(800.7 kN)
7.65 lbs./ft.
(11.38 Kg/M)
(47.6 mm)
#18 - 2-1/4"
(57 mm)
4.00 in
(2581 mm2)
420 kips
(1868.2 kN)
320 kips
(1423.4 kN)
13.6 lbs./ft.
(20.24 Kg/M)
(61.9 mm)
#20 - 2-1/2"
(64 mm)
4.91 in
(3168 mm2)
515.6 kips
(2293.3 kN)
392.8 kips
(1747.3 kN)
16.7 lbs./ft.
(24.8 Kg/M)
(69.9 mm)
#24 - 3"
(76 mm)
7.07 in
(4534 mm2)
742.4 kips
(3302.1 kN)
565.6 kips
(2515.6 kN)
24.0 lbs./ft.
(35.7 Kg/M)
(81.0 mm)


Specific provisions regarding welding of all-thread bars are not available, so care should be taken. Use ANSI/AWS D1.4 as a reference for procedures to follow.


We offer a full range of all-thread bar accessories to meet your needs. Couplers, full strength nuts, and lock nuts are available in sizes up to #24. Accessories for #14 to #24 have a round collar style, and accessories for #11 and below are a hex collar style, both with flats machined onto the outer diameter. All hardware has been designed and tested to achieve 125% minimum yield strength of the bar, as defined by ACI. Please contact our sales team for more information or to place an order.

Corrosion Protection Options

There are a variety of corrosion resistant options when working with all-thread bar, including pre-grouted bars, epoxy coating, galvanizing and corrosion resistant steel. The level of corrosion protection needed is dependent on several factors including how corrosive or severe the environment is, installation and the required service life of the product. Our team can work with you to determine the best fit for your project needs, depending on the circumstances and requirements of your project.

CMC offers the following corrosion protection options for our all-thread product range:

Epoxy Coating
Epoxy coated bars and fasteners are produced in accordance with ASTM A775 or ASTM A934. Coating thickness is between 7 to 12 millimeters. Epoxy coated bars and components can be damaged if mishandled. Fasteners are often galvanized, even though the bar may be epoxy coated, to protect against damage in the field. Epoxy coating patch kits are provided for field for repairs when surfaces are nicked or scratched.

Galvanizing adds a coating of zinc to the bar, extending the service life of the base steel underneath. Galvanized bars have excellent bond characteristics to grout or to concrete. Galvanization may be applied to bars and all accessories. CMC offers both ASTM A153 and ASTM 1094 coatings with thickness for steel bars and components between 2 and 4 millimeters.

ChromX® ASTM 1035 reinforcing steel is an alternative option for corrosion resistant coatings. Offered in grades 100 and 120, ChromX® is an uncoated, high strength, corrosion resistant steel produced by CMC. Depending on the level of corrosiveness of the environment, ChromX® offers two levels of corrosion protection, with the highest offering up to 100-year service life.

For more information, contact us at or 888.870.0766.

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