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Cryogenic Rebar

CryoSTEEL® is a specially-engineered concrete reinforcing steel produced by CMC for cryogenic applications.

CMC's cryogenic rebar is designed to resist the extremely low temperatures that liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks and other cold climate applications experience. This innovative cryogenic reinforcing steel can improve and streamline how LNG tanks are designed and built in the future.

CMC's advanced production process for CryoSTEEL® yields results that exceed minimum performance requirements for strength and ductility at low temperatures specified by the design engineer. CryoSTEEL® has been independently lab tested at temperatures down to -274°F (-170°C) to ensure it exceeds all specifications for most cryogenic applications. Since CMC will test CryoSTEEL® to the required design temperature for your specific project, you can design and build confidently, knowing you have a quality product that meets your project’s needs.



For projects in North America, we offer a turn-key solution that delivers fabricated material to your job in the amount needed at the time you need it.

Shorter Lead Times - Domestically produced in the U.S. means shorter lead times. Historically, cryogenic rebar has only been available from international sources.

No more ordering overages - Order exactly the cryogenic steel your job requires and have CMC deliver installation-ready rebar directly to your job site.

Reduced logistics frustrations - Removes the need to manage separate purchasing, storage and fabrication processes - simplify your project by partnering with CMC and reduce the extra headaches of cryogenic requirements.

Higher Specs/Lower Temperatures - Exceeds minimum design specifications for cryogenic steel as a result of the advanced production process.

For international projects, we can ship CryoSTEEL straight bar cut to your custom length, or up to 40’ (12 meters) standard length. Please contact us for more details.



CryoSTEEL® rebar is produced in imperial units and is available in lengths up to 66 feet.

Designed for LNG and ethylene tanks, LPG  tanks or other structures exposed to temperatures down to -274°F (-170°C), CryoSTEEL® rebar is produced in the following sizes and specifications:


  • EN14620-3 Annex A3 (ACI 376)
  • ASTM A615 Grade 60* (60,000 PSI/420 MPa*) 

*CMC will guarantee the 500 MPa minimum that is commonly specified internationally (at room temperature)


  • Rebar #4 (13mm), #5 (16mm), #6 (19mm), #8 (25mm), #9 (29mm), #10 (32mm)


With CryoSTEEL® you are assured that all specifications for cryogenic rebar are met through rigorous testing with certifications issued for each heat delivered.

Testing is performed to ACI 376-11 "Code Requirements for Design & Construction of Concrete Structures for Containment of Refrigerated Liquefied Gases" and BS EN 14620-3:2006 Annex A.3 for reinforcing steel for the "Design and manufacture of site built, vertical, cylindrical, flat-bottomed, steel tanks for the storage of refrigerated, liquefied gases with operating temperatures between 0 deg. C and -165 deg. C. Part 3: Concrete Components."

CryoSTEEL® is produced exclusively at our CMC Steel Arizona mill. For additional information about CMC's cryogenic rebar, contact a sales representative at 888.641.8956 or email us at

To learn more about the specific testing parameters, download the PDF below.

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