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Benefits of Spooled Rebar

CMC is the first and only producer of hot-rolled SPOOLED REBAR in the United States.

CMC ships our innovative SPOOLED REBAR from our micro mill steelmaking facilities in Durant, Oklahoma, and Mesa, Arizona.

For the rebar fabrication industry, using traditional loose-wound coiled rebar on automatic bending machines was an improvement in production over straight-length rebar fabrication. While coiled rebar has benefits, it also presents a wide range of challenges including small, size-limited coils, twisting of the rebar causing difficulty feeding bending machines, difficulty straightening twisted bar, frequent tangles during de-coiling, unstable stacking and storage concerns and varying linear feet of rebar from coil to coil.

CMC’s new and improved SPOOLED REBAR alleviates these challenges.


CMC’s spooled rebar is available in #3 to #6 bar to ASTM specifications, and in 1.5 ton up to 5 ton spools (standard is 3.5 tons), allowing you to choose the spool size that best fits your shop’s capabilities.


Larger spools decrease change-out downtime thus increasing production uptime and output per hour, material yield and safety. In addition, production is positively impacted with no twisting during straightening, allowing multi-stranding which increases productivity while producing truer shapes with minimal need to further refine final fabricated product.

Safety is improved with more stable, tighter stacks that are easier to store, stage, load and transport compared to loose-wound coiled rebar.  


Twist-free spools:

  • Result in safer, tangle-free de-coiling
  • Reduce waste due to improved bar straightness resulting in fewer rejects
  • Increase productivity by multi-stranding twist-free bar

Larger spool sizes:

  • Minimize yield loss from increased linear feet per spool
  • Increase productivity rates by reducing change-out downtime

High-tonnage and ultra-compact spools:

  • Minimize inventory storage space needs
  • Minimize handling and transportation costs
  • Improve safety in shipping, handling and machine loading
To learn more about spooled rebar and how it can improve your business, send us an email or contact your local CMC sales representative.
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