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High Rise And Building Construction

Buildings constructed with ChromX® rebar are built to stand the test of time.

Designers have come to understand the many benefits of constructing with ChromX®:

  • Reduce project cost and lead time
  • Reduce rebar congestion and improved constructibility 
  • Save up to 50% in steel weight
  • Save up to 60% in labor cost
  • Realize additional efficiencies, further reducing costs and construction time 
  • Safer work environment 
  • Sustainability by doing more with less (all ChromX® products are made from recycled scrap metal)

Learn more about ChromX® products HERE.  

The columns shown below provide the same strength, as per ACI 318 from heat to heat design provisions.

Conventional Steel

ChromX® Steel

Top 5 Reasons to Specify ASTM A1035 Grade 100

1. ASTM A1035 steels have been produced and sold into the construction market since 2002, and tested by highly-respected, independent third-party organizations. 

2. The production process for ChromX® A1035 rebar provides consistent mechanical properties from heat to heat and bar to bar that other competing 100 grade products cannot duplicate. 

3. ASTM A1035 rebar can be cut and bent on standard fabrication equipment, no special handling is required. 

4. Design codes and guides for using ASTM A1035 Grade 100 are available (ACI-ITG6, ICC-ES AC429). These high strength codes and guidelines apply to ASTM A1035 Grade 100 only and do not apply to ASTM A615 Grade 100 rebar. 

5. ASTM A1035 provides a minimum actual tensile/yield (T/Y) ratio of 1.25, while ASTM A615 Grade 100 has a minimum T/Y ratio of only 1.15. Due to this low T/Y ratio, a cautionary note has been included in the A615 specification warning of the resulting lower margin of safety and reduced warning of failure inherent in A615 Grade 100 rebar - this cautionary note does not apply to ASTM A1035. Etabs Software Models have the ability to design with ASTM A1035 material properties. 


High Rise Buildings

ChromX® steel provides an innovative solution for a variety of structures. Designers can take advantage of ChromX®'s high-strength qualities, using it in foundations, shear walls and columns in high rise construction. Using ChromX® Grade 100 in the design of these elements eases congestion, requires less steel and results in overall construction cost savings.

The mat foundation example below demonstrates the design improvements made when using ChromX® Grade 100 material.

Conventional Steel Design
60 ksi (420 MPa) Yield Strength
#11 ASTM A615 Grade 60 @ 4" spacings

#11 ASTM A615 Grade 60

ChromX® Design Improvements
100 ksi (690 MPa) Yield Strength
#11 ASTM A1035 Grade 100 @ 6" spacings

#11 ASTM A1035 Grade 60

The shear wall example below demonstrates how designing a shear wall jam (vertical) using high strength ASTM A1035 Grade 100 rebar offers significant advantages over conventional A615 Grade 60 rebar. This results in:

  • 50% reduction in vertical reinforcing
  • Reduced cross ties
  • Easier construction
shearwall design


The chart below gives examples of applications where ChromX® is approved for use.

Type of Member Longitudinal Reinforcement Transverse Reinforcement
psi (MPa)
psi (MPa)
psi (MPa)
psi (MPa)
psi (MPa)
Beams and one-way
100,000 (690) Up to 100,000 (690) 80,000 (550) 60,000 (410) N/A1
Columns 100,000(690) Up to 100,000 (690) 80,000 (550) 60,000 (410) 100,00
Tension ties 80,000 (550) N/A1 N/A1 N/A1 N/A1
Compression struts N/A1 Up to 100,000 ( 690) N/A1 N/A1 N/A1
Two-way slabs 100,000 (690) Up to 100,000 ( 690) 60,000 (410) 60,000 (410) N/A1
Walls 100,000 (690) Up to 100,000 ( 690) 80,000 (550) N/A1 100,00
Footings and pile caps 100,000 (690) Up to 100,000 ( 690) 80,000 (550) 60,000 (410) N/A1
Mat foundations 100,000 (690) Up to 100,000 ( 690) 80,000 (550) N/A1 N/A1
1 Not Applicable   2 Spirals and Ties  3 Ties
Source: ACI ITG-6 and ICC-ES AC429

The expected material savings on individual structural elements is estimated below.

Structural Element % Reinforcement Quantity Savings from 75ksi to 100 ksi
Raft 20.0% - 22.0%
Slab 22.2%
Beam 21.4%
Column Not Applicable
Shear Wall* (Lap) 18.6%
Shear Wall* (Coupler) 40.1%
Piles (Tension) 25.5%
Piles (Crack-Width) 62.0%
*Shear walls must be calculated on a case by case basis.

Parking Structures

The corrosion resistant properties of ChromX® 4100 present it as an alternative to epoxy-coated bars and will ultimately provide longer service life for your parking structure.  In addition, ChromX® 4100's high-strength capabilities (up to 80 ksi) will result in equal cost to epoxy-coated bars designed at grade 60 designs. 


Exposed Balconies on Multi-Family Housing 

The combination of ChromX®'s corrosion resistance along with its high strength capabilities position it as ideal for use in exposed balconies, resulting in extended service life and safety.

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