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Deep Foundations

ChromX® products perform especially well in subterranean geotechnical construction applications.

Using ChromX® in deep foundation applications can reduce the depth of concrete mat foundations, resulting in using less material including concrete and steel, as well as reduced labor cost due to less excavation being required.


Deep foundation examples include:

  • Basement Foundations
  • Buoyancy Rafts (Hollow Box Foundations)
  • Caissons Foundations
  • Cylinders
  • Drilled Shaft Foundations
  • Pile Foundations

The mat foundation example below demonstrates the design improvements made when using ChromX® Grade 100 material.


Conventional Steel Design
60 ksi (420 MPa) Yield Strength
#11 ASTM A615 Grade 60 @ 4" spacings

#11 ASTM A615 Grade 60

ChromX® Design Improvements
100 ksi (690 MPa) Yield Strength
#11 ASTM A1035 Grade 100 @ 6" spacings

#11 ASTM A1035 Grade 60

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