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Optimize Strength

ChromX® rebar offers twice the strength of conventional steel (120 ksi vs. 60 ksi).


What does this mean for your project?

  • Less Steel: Engineering the structure using high-strength rebar (100 or 120 ksi) reduces material requirements by 20-50%
  • Less Labor: Labor costs can be lowered by up to 60%
  • Less Congestion: Structures can be designed with less steel which means less congestion and better concrete consolidation, eliminating honeycombing. The two columns shown below provide the same strength, as per ACI 318 design provisions.

Conventional Steel

ChromX® Steel

  • Better Constructability: Higher strength steels provide more flexibility in design, allowing engineers to design in ways that were previously not possible
  • Faster Construction Timelines: Less steel and less congestion leads to shortened construction time and faster project completion
  • Typical Fabrication: ChromX® material can be fabricated on conventional fabrication equipment and has better ductility than other high-strength steels

ChromX®  rebar meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM A615 (Grades 75 [520], 80 [550] and 100 [690]), ASTM A1035 (Grades 100 [690] and 120 [830]), and AASHTO M 334 M/M 334 (Grade 100), enabling structural engineers to improve the way buildings, highways and bridges are designed and built.

The table below shows tensile, yield and elongation properties. 

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