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Pre-Construction Services

Product selection and pre-construction planning is crucial to a successful project, and the ideal time to consider ChromX® for your next project. 

Our highly experienced team of sales professionals and technical experts together with the project's structural or civil engineers, DOTs, contractors or parking consultants to determine the best corrosion-resistant or high strength solution for each project. By working with your team early in the design phase, we help you arrive at the best, most economical solution for your project.


Complete Project Cost Analysis

Working together with your team, we can prepare a life-cycle cost analysis of using ChromX® material vs. conventional rebar. This ensures the project is evaluated on both first-time costs and on life-cycle costs, as well as potential savings by reducing steel weight, on-site placing time and field labor.


Using 3-D Concrete/Rebar BIM modeling, we can evaluate your projects potential risks and consider the positive impact of converting conventional rebar to high strength ChromX® rebar to address potential congestion areas and overall constructability concerns before the project begins, reducing the risk of costly delays. This helps to determine the best materials for your project and anticipate issues before construction begins.

Material Cost

By leveraging our vertically integrated steel supply chain and supplier network, our process ensures material and vendor selection are aligned with procurement practices, resulting in net savings in material costs.  

Pre-Construction Services

  • Preliminary Design Evaluation
  • Preliminary Schedule Impact
  • Preliminary Cost Estimates
  • ChromX® Rebar
  • Standard Rebar
  • Rebar Installation


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