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ChromX – Route 460 Connector

ChromX® high strength and corrosion resistant properties essential in one of tallest bridges in Virginia

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U.S. Route 460 Connector - Phase I

ChromX® 9100 steel was used for
pier table and bridge deck panels
for Phase I of the project.

At time of construction, the
460 Connector was the highest
bridge in Virginia.

In 2013 completion wrapped on the first phase of construction for the U.S. Route 460 Connector bridge for the Coal Fields Expressway that runs through Virginia and Kentucky. The bridge is owned by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

ChromX® 9100 steel was selected to meet a minimum requirement for 75ksi for both the pier table and bridge deck. Given the unique challenges specific to the environment, including rough, uneven terrain, exposure to the elements, salting roads in the winter, and the overall scope and size of the project, ChromX® 9100's high strength and corrosion resistance proved integral to the successful construction of the bridge.

At the time of completion of this phase in 2013, the bridge was the tallest in Virginia, at approximately 250 feet tall. Despite the size of the project, VDOT’s decision to take advantage of ChromX® 9100's high yield strength and corrosion resistance resulted in both material and cost savings for the project.

The full project for completion of the U.S. 460 Connector will take place over multiple phases, and we hope to be involved in subsequent work on this high-profile project.

Download a one-page profile document on this project here.

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