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Value-added services

CMC Impact Metals offers a full line of heat treated services for your speciality steel product needs.


Commercial Heat Treating Services

We offer quench and temper, normalize, or anneal flat bars, structural shapes, rounds and specialty sections. Our equipment handles lengths of up to 56' in flat bars and structurals, as well as up to 40' in large rounds. We have decades of metallurgical experience working to various ASTM, API, and specific customer developed specifications.

Commercial High Strength Metal Finishing Services

From straightening and leveling to shot-blasting and rust prevention, we can do it all. Our commercial metal finishing services allow you to engineer your product to meet your manufacturing specifications. 

Precision High Strength Metal Cutting Services

If you're looking for precise and accurate saw cutting or shape cutting, contact us to learn more about our precision steel cutting services.

Nondestructive Metal Testing

We offer ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection of bars and plates to various industry and customer requirements.


The ability to correctly shape the metal to the appropriate requirements for downstream processes. Steel often has to be mechanically straightened after Q&T to correct distortion that takes place during the heat treating process. Rounds, structural shapes and flat bar products are straightened using hydraulic presses or mechanical straightening. If required, stress relieving may be performed after straightening.

Plant Capabilities

Our two locations offer high strength steel processing services. Click below to learn more about each location and their services and capabilities.

Plate/Flat Bar Facility

  • (2) 62" Quench & Temper Roller Hearth Furnace
  • 57' Precision Plasma Cutting Table
  • 4KW Fiber Laser with automation
  • Metal Shot Blast Finishing
  • Material Sawing
  • Straightening

Round Bar Facility

  • 62" Quench & Temper Roller Hearth Furnace 
  • Continuous Induction Quench & Temper Furnace
  • Metal Shot Blast Finishing
  • Material Sawing
  • Straightening
Email our Impact Metals team or call us at 888.682.7337 today.
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