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TruSTRENGTH High Strength Steel

TruStrength-red.png - High Strength Performance Steel


Our TruSTRENGTH steel products are built on proven processes and deliver to customers the highest quality that positions CMC as a leader of the heat-treated, high-strength performance steel market.

Manufacturers are on a continuous journey to reduce weight while improving the performance of products, without sacrificing integrity. TruSTRENGTH steel is the solution. Our high-strength steel provides the strength, weldability and durability to take your products to the next level in performance.

Melted and manufactured in the USA, our high-strength flat bar, plate and structural products are delivered with uncompromising quality and expertise – guaranteed. 


The combination of TruSTRENGTH’s high-strength properties and a lighter weight than other ordinary steel products means your equipment can carry more payload while still withstanding the most stringent working conditions. Lighter equipment also leads to a lower fuel consumption and improved operating performance.

Formability and Weldability

The refined chemical composition, along with the heat-treating, quench and tempering processes used to create TruSTRENGTH, creates a high-strength steel with the ductility that is necessary for ease of formability and fabrication in the downstream manufacturing process.

Manufacturers and fabricators can use many conventional, manual or automated welding processes when working with TruSTRENGTH products due to the steel’s advanced chemical composition and mechanical properties. 

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