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TruWEAR Abrasion Resistant Steel

TruWear-green-01.png – Abrasion Resistant Steel

Manufacturers are looking for steel that provides abrasion-resistance, toughness and extended life for their equipment. TruWEAR’s superior durability, toughness and strength will improve a product’s service life in the most demanding environments, increase payload, decrease weight and increase wear life.

Melted and manufactured in the USA, our abrasion-resistant steel delivers the hardness and toughness needed to meet the most challenging environments.



TruWEAR steel endures the most demanding environments over the entire service life of the product or application. Our advanced heat treating, quenching and tempering process produces a superior hardness combined with high strength that results in a lightweight, strong and wear-resistant AR steel capable of withstanding harsh conditions.



TruWEAR’s chemical structure and mechanical properties provide for a combination of wear resistance and durability that sets it apart from other types of steel when it comes to toughness. A key aspect of its durability and toughness is the ability to endure heavy impact without permanent deformation or cracking when stressed or impacted beyond its yield point.


Formability and Weldability

The refined chemical composition, along with the heat-treating, quench and tempering processes used to create TruWEAR, creates an abrasion-resistant steel with the ductility that is necessary for formability for most TruWEAR products, as well as fabrication in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers and fabricators can use many conventional, manual or automated welding processes when working with TruWEAR AR steel products due to the steel’s advanced chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Our dedicated team of support experts can provide additional information on any forming requirements or instructions for welding, upon request.

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