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Superior durability, toughness and strength

TruWEAR AR steel plate provides manufacturers with a tough, durable, high strength plate.

Capable of maintaining a long service life in challenging conditions, TruWEAR abrasion resistant steel meets the most stringent requirements and specifications for chemical and mechanical properties.



Our TruFLAT Guarantee ensures that TruWEAR plate excels in downstream fabrication processes. Our state-of-the-art heat treating, quenching and tempering process reduces and relieves the stresses induced during manufacturing, ensuring the parts remain flat when cut. CMC is proud to offer our cutting-edge TruFLAT technology for most plate products .300” and thinner, with a flatness guarantee of ¼ ASTM A6 standards and significantly exceeding typical standards for flatness.


Surface Quality

TruWEAR steel plate products have a superior surface quality that produces a smooth finish ready for exposed or painted applications. Customers can also inquire about shot blasting and rust preventative applications.


TruWEAR Abrasion Resistant Plate Applications

Our abrasion resistant steel plate is a reliable solution for industries requiring tough performance steel.

Our abrasion resistant steel products have multiple uses, but primarily lend their toughness and hardness to applications for construction, mining, forestry and manufacturing industries, extending the service life of hard-working equipment like:

  • Mining transportation vehicles
  • Rail cars
  • Garbage trucks
  • Dump truck bodies
  • Drag conveyors
  • Bulldozers
  • Equipment buckets
  • Heavy construction
  • Military vehicles
  • Snow plows

TruWEAR Hot Rolled Plate Products

TruWEAR abrasion resistant steel plate is available in multiple grades, spanning AR400F through AR650. Please call for any additional details or to inquire about product offerings not included here.

Click on the product name to download the specification sheet.

  Hardness (nominal HBW) Thicknesses
Tensile Strength Carbon Equivalency Hardness Range

Charpy Impact (typical)
@-40°F (-40°C)

TruWEAR AR400F Plate* 400 Up to 0.500" Up to 60" 190 ksi (1310 MPa)


370 - 430 25 ft-lbs
(34.0 J)
TruWEAR AR450F Plate* 450 Up to 0.500" Up to 60" 215 ksi (1482 MPa) 0.58 425 - 475 25 ft-lbs
(34.0 J)
TruWEAR AR500F Plate* 500 Up to 0.500" Up to 60" 235 ksi (1620 MPa) 0.61 470 - 535 22 ft-lbs
(29.8 J)
TruWEAR AR600 Plate 600 Up to 0.500" Up to 60" 290 ksi (1999 MPa) 0.84 570 - 650 10 ft-lbs
(13.5 J)
TruWEAR AR650 Plate 650 Up to 0.500" Up to 60" 314 ksi (2165 MPa) 1.00 625 - 700 10 ft-lbs
(13.5 J)
Typical mechanical testing values other than Brinell hardness listed for information only and are not performed unless specified at time of order.

* TruFLAT guarantee for plates .300" and thinner, ensuring flatness of 1/4 ASTM A6, significantly exceeding typical flatness standards.
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