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Toughness that extends service life

TruWEAR abrasion resistant flat bar is heat-treated for use in construction, manufacturing and structural applications.

Our abrasion-resistant steel AR400 flat bar is a unique solution for projects and applications that require a combination of high-strength, toughness and abrasion resistance.

TruWEAR Flat Bar Applications

As a mill-rolled product, our TruWEAR AR400 Flat Bar features a smooth edge that helps ensure straightness, safer handling and overall product consistency, and features both a combination of high abrasion-resistance and weldability.

Our abrasion resistant flat bar has multiple uses and applications across various industries. It is often used in wear strips, as well as applications requiring high strength and toughness, and where the end product will be subject to repetitive movement and wear. Common industries and applications for TruWEAR AR400 flat bar include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Bulk material handling
  • Paper/Pulp mills
  • Steel mills
  • Snow plows
  • Mining applications


TruWEAR Hot Rolled Flat Bar Products

TruWEAR abrasion resistant steel is available as a high-strength flat bar in AR400 (HBW) grade. Click on the product name to download the specification sheet.

Please call for any additional details or to inquire about product offerings not included here.

  Hardness (nominal HBW) Thicknesses
Carbon Equivalency Hardness Range Charpy Impact @-40°F(-40°C)
TruWEAR AR400 Flat Bar 400 0.250" - 1.00" 2" - 10" 20'

190 ksi (1310 MPa)

0.61 - 0.64 360 - 440 25 ft-lbs (34J)
Chart shows minimum values unless otherwise noted.
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