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Protecting our nation's soldiers

CMC proudly supplies armor steel defense products to protect our country's service members.

CMC Impact Metals produces armor and abrasion resistant plate for the military and government defense markets. During the MRAP build-up, we became the first new Department of Defense (DoD) approved armor plate supplier in over two decades.

We produce steel per military standards and specifications by government agencies for particular projects and applications that include vehicle armor, ballistic testing and specific threat levels. The performance of our armor grades can provide weight savings with thinner, stronger steel for fuel savings, while meeting rigorous testing requirements.

Based on specifications required, CMC Impact Metals can provide a range of defense products to meet various protection level requirements depending on thickness and grade. Please inquire for additional details.


Military Applications

Our armor steel plate is the solution for applications requiring proven performance and the highest levels of protection and meets the most stringent requirements. 

  • Armored military vehicles:
    • MRAP vehicles
    • HMMWVs
    • Abrams tanks
    • Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV)
  • Government vehicles
  • Embassy buildings/installations
  • Guard shacks


CMC Impact Metals Defense Plate Products

CMC Impact Metals defense products currently produced include:

Military Specifications Class Thicknesses
MIL-DTL-12560K        I - IV        0.125" - 0.500"
(3.175 mm - 12.7 mm)
Up to 60"
   (1524 mm)   
MIL-DTL-46100E        I        0.098" - 0.500"
(2.49 mm - 12.7 mm)
Up to 60"
   (1524 mm)   
MIL-DTL-32332        I, II        0.118" - 0.500"
(2.99 mm - 12.7 mm)
Up to 60"
   (1524 mm)   
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