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CMC in Europe

Our people are the key to our success.


CMC is a dynamic global company with a long and distinguished history. Based in the United States, CMC is listed on the NY stock exchange with over 8,000 employees globally.  We offer a work-friendly environment to our employees, supporting professional development goals as well as individual goals. CMC employees have the chance to work with the most advanced steel technology in the world, including our state-of-the-art electric arc furnaces.  CMC produces high-quality steel products in six mills in the United States and one mill in Poland. We are the second largest producer of hot-rolled products in Poland and one of the three largest in the United States.


Our motto is "Safety First; Safety Always!"  At Commercial Metals Company, we take the safety and well-being of our employees very seriously. We are committed to ongoing investments that ensure safety at work in every CMC location, and we continuously increase competence and awareness of our employees in all issues related to work safety.


  • Our steelmaking production processes minimize our impact on the natural environment.
  • Steel is the most recycled material in the world. We use the most environmentally-friendly technology for producing steel. Our recycled scrap metal is melted into new steel in our electric arc furnaces, rolled into finished products in our rolling mills, and fabricated into job-specific lengths that will be used in projects to build buildings and infrastructure.
  • We create the green belts which currently constitute approximately 30% of our plant area at CMC Poland Sp. z o.o. 
  • CMC promotes the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling in all company processes.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dual Education System for Students and Pupils

CMC Poland Sp. z o.o is actively engaged in the process of educating the future generation of potential employees who are interested in working in the steel industry. Features of our education program include:

  • Collaborating with our local technical high school in their dual educational program, CMC Poland Sp. z o.o organizes trade courses for students during the school year on location in our production and logistics departments. We also establish and manage patronage classes within the technical mechanic education track.
  • CMC Poland Sp. z o.o partners with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice to provide a program that combines academic knowledge with practical training. During the academic year, students spend half their time at the University (theoretical classes) and the remaining time on location at the CMC Poland sp. z o.o. business (practical classes).
  • Pupils and students who participate in our CMC’s dual curriculum are eligible for scholarships.
  • CMC Poland Sp. z o.o collaborates with the Czestochowa University of Technology and the AGH University of Science & Technology in Cracow, including:
    • Summer internships at CMC Poland sp. z o.o. 
    • Mentorships and ongoing support of CMC’s specialized personnel who volunteer their time to share their knowledge and experience during internships and traineeships. Our rigorous curriculum provides the fundamentals of steel production and related technological processes.
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We secure free private health care provided by Medicover and offer a wide range of other employee benefits, including: 

  • Unlimited access to specialist doctors 
  • Wide range of extensive diagnostic testing
  • Outpatient treatment, appointments and nursing treatments  
  • Unlimited physiotherapy

It is also possible to include family members (children, spouse, or partner) in the provided private health care with preferential conditions.


  • Quarterly production bonus – the amount of the bonus is related to the financial result of the company
  • Vacation and Christmas bonus – each in the amount of national minimum wage
  • Allowance on Steelworker’s Day
  • Shift allowances
  • Loans from the Savings and Loan Fund (Employee Loan and Donation Association and Credit Unions)


Working at CMC provides many additional benefits and advantages, such as professional development opportunities, the latest steel technologies, and  family benefits. Read about these opportunities and more:

Group Life Insurance

We offer voluntary group life insurance for employees and their families with preferential conditions. The insurer offers two (2) insurance options which differ based on the number of elected benefits and insurance fee.

Multisport Program

CMC Poland sp. z o.o. employees and their families can join Multisport Program and receive a card, which enable entry to numerous locations throughout Poland.

New Technologies

Advanced IT systems, modern technological lines and the most advanced electric arc furnace enable achieving very good results and motivate us for further development.

Professional Development

Our employees are provided with a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities, both internal training programs and external courses, to improve existing or to develop new qualifications. CMC is very committed to our employees’ career advancement.

Integration Events

Once a year in May, we celebrate Steelworker’s Day and organize festivities for our employees and their families.

CMC After Hours - Company Social Benefits Fund

CMC offers its employees and their families a wide range of benefits:

  • Co-financing of holidays and trips (wide offer within Poland and abroad)
  • Co-financing of summer camps and play centers for kids
  • Christmas and Children’s Day presents for kids
  • Department integration events
  • Opportunities to participate in sports events
  • Opportunities to participate in cultural events – tickets to the cinema, concerts, cabaret performances
  • Moreover, from the Company Social Benefits Fund, employees are eligible for loans and financial aid

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