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Our COMMITMENT is our passion.

At CMC, we are committed to being a low-cost, high quality metals recycler, manufacturer and fabricator.

With corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas, Commercial Metals Company operates local recycling centers; steel mini mills and micro mills; fabrication facilities; construction-related product warehouses; heat treating facilities; and other metals related operations in the United States and Europe. You’ll find our steel in sports stadiums and public buildings, highways, bridges and rail systems, and structures around the world.

Our vertical integration business model - from recycling and processing scrap metals, to melting processed scrap into new steel and fabricating finished steel products - revolutionized the way the steel industry operates today.  Through our vertically integrated model, we are able to remain a low-cost, high quality producer and continue to provide value to our customers and our investors.  Whether you are selling scrap metal to a recycling facility, buying truckloads of finished steel or receiving deliveries of fabricated steel on the jobsite - our efficient, vertically aligned business structure ensures you receive the best value with every transaction at every stage. 

CMC was the first steel manufacturer to adopt vertical integration in the United States, and we have successfully created a similar model in Europe.  Each business segment supports the next and allows us to pass additional value on to our customers.

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